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Honey Pork
A children’s favourite

Plain Pork
Conventional high quality

Giant Plain Pork
Conventional high quality

Chipolata Plain Pork
Conventional high quality

Smoked Pork
Smoky flavour

Lincolnshire Pork

Tasty with herbs

Trent Valley Pork
National award winning breakfast sausage

Pork & Fresh Leek
Mildly spiced with fresh leeks

Pork & Ginger
Nicely spiced with extra ginger

Sweet & Sour Pork
Tasty with pineapple

Pork & Apple
Mildly spiced with apple

Thick Plain Pork
Nice mild spices

Cumberland Pork
Our family recipe from over 100 years ago

Lancashire Pork
Our own county recipe

Pork & Fennel
Nice chopped in with pasta

Sage & Onion Pork
A perfect combination

Olde Fashioned Pork
Our family recipe from over 100 years ago

Pork & Fresh Chilli
Hot fresh chilli but not Vindaloo

Pork & Parmesan Cheese
A monthly favourite kept on

Garlic Pork
Not too spicy, but plenty of garlic

Pork & Cheese
Makes great meatballs

Pork & Walnut
One of our all time favourites

Edisford Pork
With added white pepper

Clitheroe Hot ‘N’ Spicy
Pork with a nice warm flavour

Pork & Blackstick Blue Cheese
Award wininng Butler’s Blackstick Blue Cheese

Pork & Chestnut
A great all year round sausage

Pork & Chives
A mild onion herb

Pork, Apple & Mint
Fresh fruity and cider flavour

Pork & Black Pudding
With award winning black pudding

Pork & Smoke Roasted Garlic
Tasty well balanced with red wine

Pork, Lemon & Chilli
Really popular tasty sausage

Highlander Pork
Delicious savoury haggis flavour

Ted’s Christmas Special
An old favourite named after my Dad

Pork & Plum
With mulled wine and spices

Pork Cranberry & Rosemary
Just right for Christmas Dinner

Pork & Cracked Blk Pepper
Very tasty

Pork Sunny Sizzlers
Warm and spicy with a little kick

Pork & Lime
With a fresh zesty spicy tang

Pork & Apricot
Pork with a fruity flavour

Pork & Tomato
Now with Mozzarella: Delicious!

Pork & Pineapple
Delicately flavoured

Pork & Tarragon
Mild spice with a fleck of herb

Pork, Apple & Cider
Fresh apples with herbs

Pork & Country Herbs
A tasty, herby well loved flavour

Pork with Italian herbs and olives
With herbs and black olives

Chorizo Pork
A Spanish flavour with English style

Pork & Caramelised Onion
Another favourite kept on

Pork & Mushroom
A tasty change

Thai Pork
Mild spice with lime and coconut

Clitheroe Castle
Our take of a Norman sausage

Pork Continental
Mediterranean herbs and garlic

Duke of Lancaster's Regiment Pork
A full-on flavour experience

Cajun Pork
Not hot but very tasty

Pork, Mustard & Honey
English mustard at it’s best

The Famous Shop
Set snugly within Castle Street, under the
looming presence of Clitheroe Castle, Cowmans
Famous Sausage Shop is the perfect place to
visit on a day out in the historic town of Clitheroe.
Click on the image to discover more about
Lancashire's traditional butcher.
The Master Butcher
Cliff Cowburn is the latest generation
in a long line of Cowmans butchers.
Click on the above image to find out
more about the way his specialist
team works.

Lamb, Mint & Rosemary
Perfect Sunday roast flavour

Savory Lamb
Taste of BBQ’d lamb

Moroccan Lamb
Nice and spicy

Merguez Lamb
A spicy Algerian favourite

Plain Beef
Conventional high quality

Smoked Beef
Smoky flavour

Olde Fashioned Beef
Our family recipe from over 100 years ago

Beef Chilli
South American spices for a great flavour

Boerewors Beef
Famous South African farmhouse recipe

Curried Beef
Mild curry flavour

Beef & Tomato
Distinct tomato & basil flavour

Beef & Horseradish
Not too hot but tasty

Beef & Beer
Beef with best stout

Mildly spiced with a little herbs

Mildly spiced with lemongrass

Wild Boar
A taste on the wild side

Wild Venison
Rich & full bodied. May contain shot.


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